BEIJING, China, October 29th, as the world's largest steel company ArcelorMittal and China's leading steel company Hualing Iron and Steel combination, Hualing ArcelorMittal Auto Sheet Co., Ltd. (VAMA)29 Here, it signed a 1 billion yuan investment agreement with Spanish steel processing service company Gonvarri and reached a strategic cooperation intention with four Hunan auto companies.
“China now has the fastest growing automotive market in the world. The continuous improvement of vehicle anti-collision performance requirements and energy-saving standards means that VAMA's high-strength steel products have broad market demand.” Hunan Province (娄底) Auto Board held on the same day. At the meeting of the parts industry cooperation, Brian, the global vice president of ArcelorMittal, is confident in VAMA's cooperation.
In recent years, the rapidly developing automobile industry has become another pillar industry in Hunan following construction machinery, electronic information and new materials. In order to further accelerate the development of the automobile industry, and steadily promote the construction of a strong manufacturing province in Hunan, the Hunan Provincial Manufacturing Strong Provincial Construction Leading Group Office, the Hunan Provincial Economic and Information Committee, and the Loudi Municipal People's Government decided to host the cooperation matchmaking meeting, aiming to build a platform through the government. The province's automobile industry is developing in synergy. Member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee, the governor of the "two-type society" pilot zone of Zhutan, and the director of the management committee Lin Wu attended the meeting.
According to Lin Wu, in June last year, Hualing and ArcelorMittal invested 5.2 billion yuan to build a new VAMA automobile board project, which was put into production at the bottom of the company. The first annual design capacity is 1.5 million tons, and the output value can reach 12 billion yuan. Occupy 10%-15% of China's light vehicle steel market. At the same time, VAMA will use the world's latest third-generation auto sheet production technology transferred by Ansel Mittal to produce a unique high-strength steel product in China, which is very competitive in the market.
It is reported that under the driving and aggregation of the VAMA project, Hualing Steel, Guanghua Machinery, Dafeng and Electric Vehicles, Huada Automobile Air Conditioning, Dingyuan Auto Parts and other large-scale local auto vehicle and parts enterprises have rapidly transformed and developed. At present, the number of complete vehicle and parts production enterprises in Loudi has grown to 45, becoming an important level of Hunan's automobile supporting industry. On the same day, Chen Zhongbo, deputy secretary general of the Hunan Provincial Government, awarded the license for “Hunan Province Automobile Industry Supporting Base”.

Clips and Fasteners are most commonly categorized as flat or sheet material that is formed into simple or complicated shapes. Most often, Clips and Fasteners are manufactured using both low and high carbon steels, depending on the application. In some applications, high carbon spring steels are utilized where a spring force is required that cannot be obtained with normal spring forces. When high carbon spring steels are used for manufacturing, it is a standard requirement that the product is heat treated and quenched to a hardness level that allows the product to flex without deforming. Heat treating and oil quenching are commonly used for the hardening process, but an Austemper heat treating process is typically the best practice for eliminating heat treat deformation.

Steels most commonly used in our process for manufacturing Clips and Fasteners are either low carbon, cold rolled steel (without heat treatment), and high carbon spring steels ranging from Grade 1050 to 1095, along with Stainless Steels and precious metals such as Brass, Phosphor Bronze, and Beryllium Copper. Clips and Fasteners that we manufacture typically range in material thickness of .010″ up to .080″, with many of our prototype and short run orders ranging from these sizes. We also have the capability of manufacturing designs in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We can supply Clips and Fasteners with a variety of special finishes or coatings to your specification along with various heat treating requirements.

Clip Materials




High Carbon Spring Steel Strip


ASTM A682 (AISI 1050)



ASTM A682 (AISI 1060)



ASTM A682 (AISI 1070)



ASTM A682 (AISI 1074)

Stainless Steel Strip








ASTM A582 (AISI 316)


17-7 PH

ASTM A693 (631) (AMS 5529)

Non-Ferrous Alloy Wire

Phosphor Bronze



Beryllium Copper


High Temperature Alloy Wire

Inconel 600

ASTM B168 (AMS 5540)


Inconel x750

AMS 5542

Low Carbon Steel

Cold Rolled Steel (CRS)

ASTM A1008 (AISI 1008/1010)

Stainless Steel Clip

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