On April 9, 2015, the 16th China International Exhibition on Environmental Protection, Sanitation and Municipal Cleaning Equipment and Facilities was held in Beijing. The Foton Automotive Engineering Vehicles Division participated in the exhibition and brought the lighter and medium-sized Swiss Kings. Four models of the smart muck truck and Ruibo Zhongchi 8 tons compressed garbage truck attracted many people in the industry for attention due to its appearance and quality.


Foton Automotive Engineering Vehicles Division Sanitation Exhibition Booth

The reason for participating in this sanitation car is that the Foton Automotive Engineering Vehicle Division responded to the national environmental protection and promoted the brand's market influence by launching many products that meet the policies and user needs. “In this year's market layout, we have also stepped up efforts to promote special vehicles such as sanitation. Apart from the participation in the Beijing Sanitation Exhibition, we will also actively participate in the Qingdao International Auto Show and the special auto shows in Linyi, Ningbo and Shenyang in the later period. Promote our products and provide more choices for users and government procurement,” said the person in charge of the Futian Automotive Engineering Vehicle Division.

Ruiwo light intelligent residue truck

According to reports, the current sales of sanitation vehicles are mainly concentrated in the second and third tier cities, serving the government procurement of related departments, specifically to the Beijing area, and the best sales are epoch vehicles of the era 4*2. This information was also confirmed by dealers in the Beijing market.

Li Desheng, sales manager of Beijing Rongcheng Guangye Motor Trade Co., Ltd., revealed to the reporter of China Truck Network that at present, King Kong's 4*2 muck trucks are in short supply, and even the phenomenon of out-of-stock has appeared. At present, there are 20-30 users waiting for goods. status. Why is King Kong's sales so popular?

King Kong Lightweight Construction Vehicle

“Era King Kong 4*2 models are very suitable for popular demand, especially in the body design is very flexible, narrow roads will not affect the traffic, whether it is group purchase or individual muck transport, even for home use is very suitable In the first quarter of this year, about 150 units were sold," Li said. The user is most satisfied with the quality of the car.

Ruiwo Medium Intelligent Waste Truck

The King Kong assembly country four engines are reliable, durable, environmentally friendly and economical. They are equipped with gearboxes to select gears that are light, flexible, and improve ride comfort. At the same time, the products use hydraulic power steering, electronic flameout, light and reliable operation, and user satisfaction. The need for comfort. The product's self-unloading performance has also been upgraded. The double-sleeve cylinder and the engineering top structure coexist on the same platform, and the operation is lighter. "In addition to the conventional smart design, we are also superior to competing products in the design of the shed cover. In terms of design, we have produced two different shed cover designs, which can be external or interior, to meet the diverse needs of users. ”

Ruiwo Zhongchi 8 tons compressed garbage truck

It is understood that after the 2014 national smart residue truck specification, users who waited or waited for it began to express their enthusiasm for car purchase in 2015, and users with long-term sources or government procurement are still step by step. The sales are still objective. "Our target this year is 1280 units. Last year it was only over 700 units. We are still very optimistic this year," said Li.

In terms of marketing, Manager Li said that in addition to participating in the activities such as the environmental sanitation exhibition, it will also use the secondary network to regularly carry out promotional activities, or fixed-point tour or user discussion, so that users can understand the company's products in a timely manner and expand brand influence. At the same time, he also mentioned that this year will also focus on increasing the development of group users. At present, there are a lot of intention group users in the negotiations.

With the advancement of the State's five emission standards, the Foton Motor Construction Vehicle Division has also prepared for the country’s five models, and the King’s Five Kingdoms product industry will also reach the Beijing market in May this year. "Compared to the national four models, the five models of the era King Kong will adopt the SCR system, and its purchase cost will increase by about 1.5 to 20 thousand yuan. After the products are in place, we will also conduct timely promotion according to the national policy orientation." Said that the product layout has been completed and is very optimistic about the market sales.

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