Fangyuan Group is a professional manufacturer of independent research, development, design, and manufacture of tower cranes and always puts technological innovation and product research and development in the first place. At the time of the 5.26 anniversary of 2015, we successfully developed, designed and produced the PT7032-16T tower crane. This product integrates the advantages of the TC7030-16T tower crane and the PT7528-18T tower crane, mainly to achieve a large lifting capacity, a wide range of boom coverage, sufficient to respond to a variety of operating conditions; tower body with a chip structure, Split assembly design reduces domestic and foreign transportation costs; the whole machine is quick and easy to maintain.
Here, the main parameters and structural features of the PT7032-16T tower crane are highlighted:
First, the main product parameters

Second, product structure characteristics
1. The main structural parts of the tower crane are all made of Q345B low-alloy steel to improve the low temperature performance of the tower crane.
2. The standard section is a sheet-type assembly structure connected by a fishtail pin, which is convenient for domestic and foreign shipments. At the same time, it is equipped with an inclined ladder to make the upper and lower tower cranes more convenient and safe. The bottom of the tower structure is reinforced.
3 The rack structure is a detachable double U-shaped structure, and the balance arm is a multi-section modular type, which facilitates the transportation of international containers.
4. Consider the larger size and weight of the structural components in the process of installation and disassembly, design and install the bracket, increase the safety of its installation and disassembly, and reduce the requirements for lifting equipment.
5. The hoisting mechanism adopts variable frequency speed control, which can perform stable braking. The slow positioning speed can be operated for a long time. Basically, zero speed braking can be achieved, and the operation is stable without impact, which can prolong the service life of the structure and transmission parts. Rope and life are also useful, and at the same time improve the tower crane's safety. In addition, the lifting mechanism adopts a large-diameter double-folding line groove drum, which can effectively improve the rope rope condition, reduce the swing angle of the steel wire rope, and increase the service life of the steel wire rope.
6. Luffing mechanism consists of variable frequency motor, built-in planetary reducer, reel, etc. It features compact structure, high transmission efficiency, safe and reliable braking, accurate positioning and so on.
7. The slewing mechanism adopts a torque motor plus variable frequency control, which has the characteristics of wide speed range, large slip, compact structure and high reliability. The reducer is a four-stage planetary transmission. The tooth profile of the output gear is “drum-toothed”, which ensures that the gear and the slewing bearing maintain the correct meshing state, thus ensuring the normal operation of the mechanism and improving the service life of the slewing bearing and the slewing reducer. The slewing gear and the slewing bearing mesh with the external teeth, facilitating the maintenance of the mechanism.
In summary, the performance parameters of the PT7032-16T tower crane are superior. The advanced institutions adopt a large number of frequency conversion technologies to reduce noise and energy, ensure their reliability and safety, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the tower crane. (This article from Fangyuan Group Author: Shao Yuhong)

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Available pressure stability:

BN/HC: 20 bar

Compatibility with hydraulic fluids ISO2943

-Hydraulic oil H to HLPD DIN 51524

-Lubrication oils DIN 51517, APJ, ACEA, DIN 51515, ISO6743

-Compressor oil DIN 51506

-Biodegradable operating fluids VDMA24568, HETG, HEES, HEPG

-Non-flame operating fluids HFA, HFB, HFC, and HFD

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