The protection and monitoring of the agricultural environment are based on advanced learning techniques. The investment and use of equipment is also very necessary. The advanced monitoring instruments in the monitoring of the agricultural environment are very worthy of attention. The monitoring of agricultural environmental conditions in China started relatively late. The instruments and equipment of the agricultural environmental monitoring department were seriously lacking, and some even did not have basic agricultural environmental monitoring instruments. This kind of state is difficult to adapt to the needs of the new situation. The government should attach importance to agricultural environmental monitoring as much as it attaches importance to science and technology, and plan and organize the updating and deployment of agricultural environmental monitoring instruments and equipment to improve the technological level of agricultural environmental monitoring.

In recent years, a lot of attention has been paid to the hardware construction in many monitoring institutions, staff expansion, equipment and office conditions, etc. in China, and the investment has been strengthened. The environmental monitoring hardware conditions and monitoring capabilities have been greatly improved. However, attention has not been paid to the construction of environmental monitoring software for agricultural environmental monitoring instruments, such as the study of the monitoring system itself, the rational allocation of monitoring resources, the training of monitoring personnel on technical capabilities, the assurance of monitoring quality, and the monitoring system. Problems such as management and operational mechanisms, and the external guarantee conditions for the functioning of the monitoring system and normal operation have not been given high priority.

The environmental monitoring of the environmental monitoring side station construction is caused by the formation of environmental pollution, and it has developed along with the development of environmental protection. The characteristics of rural environmental pollution determine that the work of environmental monitoring stations must be strengthened to provide first-hand information for the protection of the rural environment. However, in the current national environmental protection system, the number of environmental monitoring personnel is relatively small, especially in the county-level environmental protection departments that are an important part of rural environmental management, and the monitoring agencies and personnel are even less. In light of the actual situation in many regions of the country, in order to strengthen environmental monitoring and pollution source monitoring and control, it is recommended that the environmental monitoring station be managed by the environmental protection department, led by the environmental protection department in administration and business, and supervised by professional environmental monitoring stations in the business.

In short, the research and application of agricultural environmental monitoring devices and the improvement of our country's rural environmental monitoring system should grasp the basic principle of “government-led, public participation”, encourage and guide farmers and social forces to participate in rural environmental protection, and establish a rural environmental monitoring system from various aspects. .

 RF Tube CO2 Laser Marking Machine

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Rf Co2 Laser Marker


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RF Tube Co2 Laser Marker

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