Now that the Internet has become one of the more and more popular sales channels in the modern era, the Internet era has not only brought tremendous changes to the life of our electronic locker manufacturers , but also made us a lot of electronic lockers. Manufacturers also seize the opportunity to magnificently complete the transformation and upgrading. Xiao Wang, a veteran employee who works in electronic locker manufacturers all the year round, said that in the past all year round, he was running out of business and was unable to return for a few days a year. Now, with the development of networks and logistics, we sit in the company every day. The constant call from the customer calls this change that we could not imagine before. Want to learn more please click: Contact us

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In the current market, no matter if your product is big or small, whether you are a service-oriented industry or a production-sales company, we can use the Internet to conduct more favorable publicity for your company. Many of the electronic locker manufacturers are factory outlets. There are about ten such companies. Each manufacturer's preference for consumers is different, in which our company is now a professional electronic locker cabinet manufacturers compared to other manufacturers also have a huge discount.

In view of the fact that many customers are making difficult choices in the electronic locker manufacturers, Xiao Bian here to provide a reference for the majority of consumers reference, first of all, we consumers can see these electronic lockers manufacturers on the Internet when purchasing What is the strength and the products they produce? This is equivalent to our better grasp of the first-hand information of factory outlets.

When we browse these electronic locker manufacturers' websites, we can clearly see the appearance, style, material, etc. of the products. We can also conduct friendly communication directly on the Internet. We do not know where to go for online consultation. In view of the protection of consumer rights by the state, most electronic locker manufacturers' products have reliable quality assurance and can provide consumers with adequate protection after-sales services. Everything is prioritized by consumers' relevant interests. If the final product does not match the consumer’s own needs, consumers can also use their legitimate rights and interests in the purchase process.

1-Nitroanthraquinone CAS NO:82-34-8

1.Product quality indicator

Items Indicator
Excellent First-class Qualified
Appearance Yellow crystalline powder Yellow to brownish yellow crystalline powder
1-nitro-anthraquinone,%≥ 98 97.5 96.0
1.5,1-8-dinitro anthraquinone,%≤ 0.5 0.8 1.0

2.Physicochemical properties
Yellow needle-like crystals, insoluble in water, soluble in hot DMF and other organic solvents.

This product is an important intermediate of solvent dyes, and disperse dyes.

Anthraquinone, 1-nitro-,Nitroanthraquinone,1-Nitoanthrapuinone,1-nitroanthrachinon,1-nitro-anthraquinon,alpha-nitroanthraquinone,1-Nitro-9,10-anthraquinone,1-nitro-10-anthracenedione,1-nitroanthracene-9,10-dione

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