Mineral processing is the process of selecting useful minerals in the mineral raw materials collected, based on the differences in physical, physical, and chemical properties of various minerals. The machinery that implements this process is called a beneficiation machine. The beneficiation machinery is divided into crushing, grinding, sieving, sorting (selection) and dewatering machinery according to the beneficiation process.

Commonly used mechanical crusher jaw crusher, gyratory crusher, cone crusher, a roll crusher and impact crusher; grinding machine is the most widely used cartridge mill, including rod mill, ball mill , gravel mill and self-grinding machine ; inertial vibrating screen and resonance screen are commonly used in screening machinery; hydraulic classifier and mechanical classifier are classification machines widely used in wet classifying operations. Mechanical agitation flotation machine sorting machinery is divided into gravity beneficiation machinery, magnetic separator, flotation machine and special beneficiation machine according to the principle of action. Sorting machine appears first is the gravity separation machine, the first piston jig occurred in Germany in the 1830 ~ 1840, a metal ore separation; a first magnetic separator (tape weak magnetic separator) It was introduced in 1888; the flotation machine appeared late, and the first mechanically agitated flotation machine appeared in 1910.

Gravity beneficiation machinery is a device that uses the difference between density and particle size of ore and vermiculite in the moving medium, including jig, heavy medium concentrator and centrifugal concentrator.

The heavy medium concentrator uses a suspension or heavy liquid as a heavy medium to separate the ore particles from the vermiculite. There are heavy medium vibrating chute, heavy media hydrocyclone, a skew roller and coal heavy medium selected from the pinion HM separation machine.

The centrifugal concentrator is a machine for recovering metal ore particles in fine slime, and is mainly composed of a host and a control mechanism. In the centrifugal force field generated by the high-speed rotation of the conical drum of the main machine, the heavy ore particles are deposited on the drum wall to become a concentrate, and the light ore particles are attached to the surface of the concentrate, and are discharged by the flow film (the slurry flow) to discharge the drum. Become a tailings.

A magnetic separator is a machine that sorts the action of minerals by means of magnetic and mechanical forces by utilizing the magnetic differences of various minerals. The magnetic separator consists of a magnetic system, a sorting device, a feeding and discharging device. There are many types of magnetic separators, mainly including permanent magnet cylinder magnetic separator, electromagnetic flat ring magnetic separator and high gradient magnetic separator.

The flotation machine is a machine that sorts fine-grained minerals by utilizing the difference in physical and chemical properties of the surface of the ore. The flotation flotation machine is equipped with flotation reagents, which are compressed by air or mechanically stirred to make the mineral particles which are not easily wetted by water adhere to the bubbles (positive flotation method), rise to the liquid surface, and pass the ore discharge device as the concentrate. The discharged ore, which is easily wetted by water, remains in the tank as a medium tailings discharge.

The concentrate obtained from the wet beneficiation needs to be treated by a dewatering machine to separate the solid and liquid. Dewatering machines can be divided into concentrators, filters, centrifugal dewaterers and dryers.

RRU Base Station Housing

RRU Base Station Housing Aluminum Die Casting FEATURES:

Excellence thermal conductivity, light weighted, no electromagnetic disturbance and interference. Compared to traditional Aluminium or copper solutions, it has larger surface area generated by the porous structure and higher level of thermal radiation. A simplified structure has a direct bond between heat-source and heat sink create superior thermal conductivity and electric insulation feature increases components` life and stability in the entire assembly.

RRU Base Station Housing Advantage:
● Anti-oxidation
● Corrosion-resistant
● Waterproof
● Electrical isolation
● Eco-friendly

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