The stage mining method is to divide the ore block into a mine room and a pillar, the first step back to the mining room, and the second step back to the empty field mining method of the mining column.
According to the method of falling mine, the stage mining method can be divided into the horizontal deep hole stage mining method and the vertical deep hole stage mining room method. The horizontal deep hole stage mining method requires that the bottom of the mine be bottomed to form a bottom space; in the vertical deep hole stage, the mine room method needs to open the cutting groove at the full height of the mine. The large-diameter deep-hole rock drilling and the spherical blasting blasting backward mining method (ie, the VCR method) is a scheme of the vertical deep-hole stage mining method, and it is not necessary to open the cutting groove due to the downward stratification.
The stage mining method is mainly applied to the stable inclined and steeply inclined thick and extremely thick ore bodies of ore and surrounding rock, as well as the extremely thick horizontal and gently inclined ore bodies. The geometry of the ore body should be relatively regular, otherwise it will cause large ore loss and depletion. Because of the deep hole falling mine, the loss of ore is much depleted, and it is difficult to select the mining and removing the stone. Therefore, it is better that the ore grade is lower and the price is not high, and the ore body does not contain the stone.

Limiter & Limit Switch

Tower Crane limiter&limit switch including hoisting limiter, trolleying limiter, slewing limiter and load moment limiter , etc. BQ limiter & limit switch has many good feature such as small size, many functions, high precision, adjustable limit, strong versatility and easy to install and adjustment, which make the tower crane working more efficent and safety.

Hoisting Limiter,Limit Switch for Tower Crane,Load Moment Limiter,Trolleying Limiter,Slewing Limiter


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