With the advent of 2018, the year in which the automobile circle “does not stop” begins. Not only was Dongbang's “throttle engine” and Volkswagen’s “Monkey Experiment” and other events were exposed in succession, but in the first month of the year, the “high-level management changes” of auto companies were frequently staged. According to Gasgoo's incomplete statistics, in January 2018 at least more than 10 car companies had executive changes, involving as many as 38 people.

The specific situation is summarized in the following table:


In January, BAIC carried out large-scale personnel adjustments, and at least 14 senior executive positions changed, involving group and independent brands, Beijing Benz and Beijing Hyundai executives. Such a large number of personnel adjustments naturally attracted hot comments from the industry. However, the above news was exposed for a long time. Beihe Group Chairman Xu Heyi responded by saying that the personnel adjustments are as follows: first, the requirements for rotation at higher levels; and second, personnel exchange within the group system. I am about to retire and I hope to leave a very good team of talented people. This shows Xu Heyi's "good intentions." However, whether this is the best arrangement remains to be seen.

In terms of quantity, FAW and Dongfeng are ranked after BAIC. According to statistics, there have been changes in the positions of five senior executives in FAW this month, involving FAW Group and its independent and joint venture companies. As we all know, since August when Xu Liuping served as chairman and party committee secretary of China FAW Group Corporation, FAW Group has successively carried out some drastic reform measures, and the large-scale reorganization of the personnel structure of each branch company has been carried out. As time progresses, a series of measures are gradually implemented, and the next effect is expected to appear on the specific business. Dongfeng also announced several personnel adjustments in the month, but it basically belongs to the normal adjustment of the internal leadership of the company.

Among the many personnel changes in January, there were two special ones: First, Gu Jianmin, former R&D director of Volvo Asia Pacific, served as the CTO of Valeo China, and was the only company in the statistics company to jump from a vehicle company to a spare part. Enterprise; Second, Baidu vice president Yan Xuebin joined Baoneng as vice president and R&D president of the company. At the end of last year, Baoneng purchased 51% of the shares of Guanzhi for RMB 6.63 billion. After that, it started construction of a new energy automobile industrial park. It can be seen that Baoneng is implementing its plan for building a car step by step. At this time, Yan Xuebin, who has the experience of Internet thinking and the traditional automotive industry, will undoubtedly further expand his talent pool.

Recently, Faraday’s future lawsuit against the former CFO for theft of trade secrets was hotly debated. At the same time, the news of the resignation of its head of human resources, Crystal Peterson, was reported at the same time. Although this news has not yet been confirmed by the FF official, many Current and former company employees have confirmed to the media that Crystal Peterson has left.

In addition, it should be noted that the personnel changes mentioned in the above table in Tesla, although this news was revealed in January, but things happened before this time. According to the news, Ernest Villanueva, a battery technology leader of Tesla, has left the company last year. It is understood that Weilanueva entered Tesla in 2006 and holds eight patents, and assisted in the design of battery modules for all Tesla models, including Roadster, Model S, Model X, and Model 3. I do not know how this "company veteran" will affect Tesla.

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