At present, the environmental battle has become the focus of everyone's attention, energy conservation and environmental protection has become an inevitable trend of industry development, especially the mining industry. Therefore, sand mill manufacturers have increased the research and development of environmental protection equipment, and introduced a new energy-saving sand making machine for the mechanism sand production line to change the dust pollution in the traditional production line.

Faced with the harsh production environment of the mine, Zhengzhou is proud to build an advanced energy-saving and environmentally-friendly sand making machine, which not only can complete the operation of all kinds of sand and gravel, but also can dissolve the dusty days. Then, compared with the traditional sand making machine, what advantages does Zhengzhou Dingsheng energy-saving and environmental protection sand making machine have in reform and innovation?

1. Self-circulating system, more environmentally friendly

The sand making machine introduces foreign advanced technology to automate the circulation of the airflow inside the vortex chamber, eliminate the pollution caused by the dust, and reduce the damage of the dust to the human body, thereby protecting the environment.

2, wearing parts are made of high quality materials, wearable and efficient

Whether the wearing parts of the sand making machine are durable is one of the key points that customers should consider when purchasing machinery. In this respect, Zhengzhou Dingsheng is made of special super-hard wear-resistant materials and has the advantages of small size and light weight. Secondly, the entire sand making machine is also very reasonable in terms of structure, which makes the operation in the production process more efficient and stable, and can also reduce the wear on the wearing parts.

3. Continuous improvement of innovative sand making technology

Innovation is like going against the water, and if you don’t advance, you will retreat. Zhengzhou Dingsheng fully recognizes this point, continuously carries out technological innovation, perfects the shortage of sand making machine equipment, speeds up the updating of equipment, and makes the performance of sand making machine more energy-saving and environmental protection, and better meets customers. Demand.

Nowadays, with the country's increased investment in environmental protection and its driving of a series of environmental policies, modern machinery and equipment with advantages of green, environmental protection and energy conservation will usher in more opportunities. Zhengzhou Dingsheng energy-saving and environmentally-friendly sand making machine also Will usher in "spring."

Use 1

Outside Basketball Court

Outside Basketball Court
Soft connection I and II are ideal for the outside basketball courts. Anti-slippery surface design keeds every champions playing without slipping. New design adjustable buckles to control the thermal expansion. Our court tiles is official used by the Serbia National Basketball Federation and FIBA33 World Tour China Zone.

ENLIO provides services from design to manufacture, sales and after sales etc. We are professional in sports floorings, for the outdoor interlocking tiles, we offer perfect solutions for your courts. Based on ISO9001 quality system, products quality are controlled on each link. Your safety and sports comfortability are always our goal.

1.Durable:Suspended structure,interlocking floor.
2.Environmental Protection: 100% recyclable material and smelless.
3.Long Service Life: 8 years
4.Installation: Easy to install, no need adhesive.
5.Safety: Reduce the sprain and strain in sports.
6.Maintenance: Free maintenance.
7.All Weather: No special weather be required.
8.Tempreture: -40℃-80℃.
9.Certificate: CE, SGS.
10.Multi-purpose and colorful appearance.

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