Construction machinery 4S shop into the mainstream

In the field of construction machinery, the user's dependence on after-sales service and parts supply is even stronger than that of automobiles, machine tools, and other fields. It is natural to be a 4S shop model product.

To survive and develop, enterprises need to find more sources of profits, and diversify and stabilize their profit sources. Using a comprehensive service platform such as 4S shop to drive parts supply, after-sales service and other links with whole machine sales, it undoubtedly creates a more For the vast profit space, coupled with customers can bring real information feedback to the construction machinery companies, but also allow companies to fully understand the needs of customers.

Marketing model changes from single to multiple

The 4S store is an extension of the manufacturer's operating culture in the market, which more embodies the standardization of work and services and enables users to enjoy a full range of services.

The emergence of the 4S store is a sign that the Chinese construction machinery market has truly entered the era of brand competition. The era is advancing, and end-users are also advancing. They no longer have a product-level demand for construction machinery, but also have a higher level of brand demand. The emergence of 4S stores will lead the market competition from focusing on single factors (such as price, business conditions, etc.) to the direction of focusing on the overall strength of the enterprise, and the brand is the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of the enterprise.

4S shop will become a trend

The domestic construction machinery market turned from the initial wait-and-see action to active attacks. The important reason is that users have less product information and limited ability to identify products. Marketers must take the initiative to attack more users and promote products to achieve more sales. After years of development, the domestic construction machinery market has begun to mature. One of the notable signs is that users have begun to mature, began to focus on the overall strength of the brand, from the passive choice of products to take the initiative to select the brand. Under such a background, establishing a 4S shop with good image, environment, and functionality will inevitably be able to demonstrate the brand's overall strength and strengthen the user's trust and dependence on the brand. This attraction simply depends on the marketing staff to take the initiative to attack and it is simply impossible to achieve. .

A good brand is composed of various factors such as the corresponding product quality and a full range of services. Whether it can take a leading position in the market depends on whether there is a good reputation. The 4S shop model is more conducive to the combination of sales and after-sales services. At the same time, it can provide users with quality services while allowing customers to realize that they are buying not just the product itself but the entire process of quality service.

The advantages of construction machinery 4S shop

1. Standard and consistent brand image The distance between the 4S store brand and the user is further reduced. Although the user actually contacts the agent, it feels like it is the brand, enabling the user to experience the existence of the brand more tangibly. influences.

Construction machinery 4S shop into the mainstream CTEC integrated marketing and then upgrade 2. Spacious, clean shopping environment in the 4S shop, users can choose products in a more beautiful environment, which has begun to transition from product functional requirements to product comfort requirements For Chinese users, the satisfaction that comes with the addition of factors outside the product can also stimulate the user’s desire to purchase.

Construction machinery 4S shop into mainstream CTEC integrated marketing and then upgrade

3. Specialized sales and service Whether it is marketing personnel or operational procedures, users can feel the power of specialization from the face-to-face communication with well-trained personnel and from the rigorous and orderly operation process.

4. Guaranteed service system When users visit the maintenance workshop with professional equipment and the spare parts library for management specifications, the doubts about after-sales services are surely wiped out. The maintenance and accessories are the ones most concerned by the users in using the products. Two major points.

5. Fine customer management begins with the first entry into the 4S store. Users have already been incorporated into the customer management system. The marketing staff will conduct tracking management for the users and provide corresponding services on their own initiative. Moreover, customer relationship management is included in the customer management system as a routine work content, which is of great benefit to fostering user brand loyalty.

CTEC upgrades its marketing model for integrated construction machinery industry

With the acceleration of the internationalization of the industry and the vigorous promotion of the new industrialization strategy in Hunan Province, the construction machinery industry has achieved rapid development and has become one of Hunan's advantageous industries. On this basis, the service platform for multiplying the value of the construction machinery industry chain—the China (Changsha) Construction Machinery Trading Exhibition Center (CTEC) came into being. It is the central engineering machinery industry cluster, and the construction machinery equipment trading area and 4S shop It consists of 10 function areas, including district, trade exhibition area, parts trading area, theme park, business supporting area, R&D training base, second-hand trading area, logistics area, and living supporting area.

The single 4S shop area of ​​CTEC China (Changsha) Construction Machinery Trade Exhibition Center is scientifically configured by factory buildings, exhibition complexes, parts warehouses, and outreach venues. It is a modern display of brand, information, logistics and remanufacturing space, and business and living facilities. The perfect combination of services.

Construction machinery 4S shop into mainstream CTEC integrated marketing and then upgrade

CTEC has gathered 8 giants of the world's construction machinery including Carter of the United States, Hitachi of Japan, Doosan of Korea, Longgong of China, XCMG, Zoomlion, Xiagong and Heli forklifts, etc., aiming to create a value-added value of the entire industrial chain of construction machinery. The service platform will be integrated with the upgrade of the marketing model of the construction machinery industry, strengthening the modern manufacturing service industry for construction machinery and affecting the world.

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