In response to the call of the country to develop smart cities, China has been actively promoting the development of intelligent industries. Since the end of the 1990s, the development of China's intelligent building industry has matured. At present, the market size of China's intelligent building industry has reached 100 billion yuan, and there are at least 3,000 employees in the industry. The market share of LED lighting fixtures in intelligent buildings is currently between 20-30. With the continuous improvement of LED light efficiency, the proportion will continue to rise in the future. Therefore, it can be said that the intelligent building construction boom has played a very positive driving role in the development of the intelligent LED lighting industry.
The intelligent lighting industry has entered the Chinese market since the 1990s. Due to factors such as market consumption awareness, market environment, product prices, and promotion efforts, it has been in a slow development trend. However, in recent years, with the opening of the transformation of traditional industries by IT and Internet technologies, especially the real estate industry has been leaping forward, and the continuous improvement of LED light efficiency and the gradual maturity of intelligent control technology, the domestic intelligent lighting industry has developed rapidly, all kinds of intelligence. Products are available. Experts predict that the size of China's smart lighting market is expected to reach 200 billion US dollars in the next five years.
At present, the intelligent lighting systems of intelligent buildings are interconnected by means of bus. The general intelligent lighting system integrates three systems of high-voltage AC power supply, low-voltage DC control and sensor network to complete the intelligent function. However, Mr. Wu Jian, Technical Director of CommScope Greater China, said: With the development of Ethernet, many systems will be unified into one network platform, and intelligent lighting will also enter a unified and integrated network.
Although the traditional intelligent lighting has many technical genres, the design and installation are complicated, mainly because the three systems (power supply, control, and sensor) cannot be unified. The traditional lamps also consume high energy. If traditional lamps are used, energy saving is A challenge.
While LEDs are becoming more and more popular, many of the advantages of LEDs are also recognized, but traditional intelligent lighting systems cannot take full advantage of these unique advantages of LED luminaires, such as precision dimming, constant drive current, and simple deployment. Obviously, LED lamps need a more energy-efficient low-voltage DC power supply mode, which requires unified intelligent management methods and energy-saving strategies.
Moreover, Mr. Wu Jian said: Low-voltage DC-powered LED lamps do not need to pass 3C certification, which rationally and legally saves a large amount of certification testing costs, shortens the product launch cycle, and reduces product development costs, so it is likely to Become the mainstream of demand in the smart home market.

Fully Automatic Blister Forming Machine

Fully Automatic Blister Forming Machine applications

1.  Fully automatic blister forming machine is suitable for materials like PVC, PE, PET, PC,PP, HIPS, APET, PETG, PS, and so on .

2. This machine can transform plastic sheets into various plastic holow shells for packaging applications like: Toys, hardware, foods,

    stationery, electronics products, etc.

Advantages of Fully automatic Blister Forming Machine

1. This machine adopts Mitsubishi frequency Motor tap piece, pull tab faster, easier to adjust, and the exact length of the pull tab, reduce material and energy consumption, improve product quality.
2. Independently grouped temperature controlled..
3. The furnace temperature using a digital independent regulator, point by point display, and each control table with separate regulator         system, completely solved due to voltage fluctuations caused by the product quality problems.
4. Digital DIP intelligent regulator monitors, visual stability and achieve the digital management products produced at the same time to           facilitate the process of generation of process monitoring.
5. In the first products of normal production, simply complete record production process parameters during down time after the customer       repeat orders, production parameters recall previously recorded data, you can produce high-quality products, to achieve a shape, reduce unnecessary waste. (Touch-screen machine)
6. Double row needle chain transmission, high-speed operation is stable, flexible width adjustment device, can make the machine more         maximum use of film, improve product quality, reduce material loss. 
7. The machine is equipped with a cooling system and high-speed transport water spray cold water to make it accelerate the forming             speed and forming quality assurance, production twice as fast as conventional machines.

Fully automatic blister forming machine Parameters



Power supply




Forming length


Forming width



220-480 times / hour

thickness of material


Machine size

6800*1480 *2700mm

Machine weight


Fully automatic blister forming machine

Fully Automatic Blister Forming Machine

Fully Automatic Blister Forming Machine,Fully-Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine,Fully Automatic PVC Blister Forming Machine,Fully Automatic Plastic Blister Forming Machine

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