The China Drying Industry Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the list of companies that met the “Ammonia Industry Access Requirements” in 2014 (the first batch), PetroChina Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, Gansu Jinchang Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., and Gansu Fengsheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. , Gansu Liuhua (Group) Co., Ltd., Tonghua Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., China National Petroleum Corporation Jilin Petrochemical Company, Cornell Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., and Sinochem Jilin Changshan Chemical Co., Ltd. Among them, the maximum production capacity of 400,000 t \ a.

Double Trapezoidal Roll Forming Machine means the two layers are all trapezoidal. But the peak height or peak separation is not same, or the width of materials is different. We can make it according to your requirements. And the blade can be adjusted, so that you can produce the color steel panel of different width. 

And we can equip the safety guard with the machine as the following picture. safety guard roll forming machine

Double Trapezoidal Roll Forming Machine

Double Trapezoidal Roll Forming Machine

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