[ Chinese instrument network meter patent ] creative limit, instrumentation invention. Today, we introduced a national invention and granted patent - GPRS smart meter. The patent was applied for by Liaoyang Yibao Software Development Co., Ltd., and it was authorized on April 20, 2018.
Content Description
The invention relates to a smart water meter applied to the management of tap water and groundwater resources, in particular to a GPRS smart water meter with automatic metering, human-machine mutual assistance and remote copy control management.
Background of the invention
The existing large-diameter intelligent water meters mostly adopt wireless remote control communication methods, ie, wireless communication between the downhole intelligent water meter and the handheld hand-held receiving device in the well, and then achieve communication with the monitoring center through a remote communication module in the hand-held receiving device. In the sense, the smart meter communicates with the monitoring center's direct data; and the user's query water quantity must reach within the valid range of the hand-held receiving device and the smart meter communication to inquire about the water consumption, which is inconvenient for the user's inquiry; the existing valve body balances the flow of water. Most of the control is controlled by a monostable valve or electromagnetic valve to control the water flow by opening and closing the water blocking hole. The water blocking hole is too small. It is easy to cause blockage due to mud and sand and other impurities, resulting in the wrong valve closing phenomenon; the main control valve stops water. The device is mostly nylon or rubber material, easy to aging, deformation, especially in the case of hot water or alkaline water, it will accelerate the speed of damage, there will be short-term valve closure phenomenon; existing smart meter power supply Power supply for single lithium battery, limited capacity, poor sustainability; valve body adopts integral structure design, disassembly Destroy the whole body waterproof structure, it is difficult to restore as ever.
Summary of the Invention
The invention aims at the problems existing in the above technology, and provides a GPRS intelligent water meter, which directly communicates with the monitoring center platform through a built-in GPRS communication module, realizing remote meter reading; the monitoring center has a mobile phone short message platform, and the user can It is convenient and quick to query the information of water by sending and receiving SMS. The electric spherical ball sealing device of the pilot valve is used to control the flow of the balanced water channel, and the cross-sectional area of ​​the water is increased, so that the flow of water flowing through the balance channel is smoother and not easy to be blocked; both the water stop pad and the seal ring are adopted. The PTFE material has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and non-toxic environmental protection. It solves the phenomenon that the water shutoff pad is not closed due to corrosion or aging. The drop of water does not leak after the valve is dropped; the new type of power supply is used for power supply. The replenishment power supply is composed of a main battery and a sub-battery set, and is located in an independent battery compartment. The main battery is a rechargeable lithium battery. The secondary battery group is composed of 3 large-capacity lithium batteries, and is used as a main battery charging power source. Provides energy for battery charging; control valve body adopts split structure design, and each component can be independent Solution.

The figure is a schematic structural view of the invention
In order to achieve the above objectives, the technical solution adopted by the present invention is as follows: The base meter is a water meter, and the internal water and the reed switch cooperate to transfer the water consumption to the single-chip processor in pulse form, and the single-chip processor receives the signal. Stored after processing, when the monitoring center uses the GPRS network to retrieve the water volume information of the water user, the processor of the single chip uploads the data to the data center of the monitoring center through the GPRS communication module, and responds to the action command issued by the monitoring center to control the valve ups and downs; The center has a mobile phone short message platform. When the water user binds the fixed mobile phone number to the short message platform, the user can query the water usage information via the mobile phone, which is convenient and quick. The opening and closing of the pipeline valve is accomplished through the control of the valve body, and the valve body is controlled by the piston. Valve, pilot valve and intelligent control system. Piston valve includes piston cylinder, piston, seal ring, sealing pad and piston cover. Balanced water channel and water guide hole are installed inside piston cover, and electric spherical water stop of pilot valve. The device is embedded in the balance waterway of the top cover of the piston valve to control the balance waterway: intelligent control of the control valve body Divided by the micro-power processor, GPRS communication module and supply power supply, supply power supply is in a separate battery compartment, composed of a main battery and a sub-battery, the main battery and microcontroller processor through the USB port connection, Provides power supply for SCM and GPRS communication module. The sub-battery is mainly used to provide energy for battery charging. The control valve body adopts a split-type structure design. Each part is connected by screws for convenient disassembly, and all of them are independently waterproofed.
Sending the signal through the reed switch is connected to the pulse signal line to transmit the water amount information to the SCM processor. There is an anti-magnetic protection sleeve outside the pulse signal line to isolate the interference of the electromagnetic signal, and waterproof joints are made at both ends for waterproofing. The piston cylinders and pistons of the piston valves are made of stainless steel and are treated with anti-corrosion lubrication at the contact surfaces to ensure that the pistons slide freely up and down in the piston cylinders. The pistons are equipped with two sealing rings to ensure the tightness and the pistons in the piston valves. The ups and downs determine the control valve body switch. Pilot valve The electric ball sealing device is embedded in the balance waterway and tightly connected with the top cover of the piston valve. It controls the direction of water flow in the balance waterway and plays a decisive role in the rise and fall of the piston. The intelligent control part of the microcontroller adopts a micro-power processor, completes the signal collection work of the sending base table, converts the analog signal into a digital signal for calculation, storage, and sends a switch valve instruction according to the instruction of the monitoring center.
The intelligent control system has a built-in GPRS communication module. The GPRS smart meter communicates with the monitoring center through the GPRS communication module. The intelligent control system includes an independent battery compartment, a battery-powered power supply, a replenishment power supply composed of a main power supply battery and a sub-battery pack, and the main battery is a rechargeable lithium battery, which is connected to a single-chip processor via a USB port. Single-chip processor and GPRS communication module power supply, the sub-battery set for the three groups of large-capacity lithium battery, mainly for the battery to provide conditional charging power. When the single-chip processor detects that the main battery supply is lower than the set value, the sub-battery is turned on to charge the main battery. After the main battery is charged, the sub-battery is cut off to supply power to the main battery. The control valve body adopts split type design, and the piston valve, pilot valve and intelligent control system part can be disassembled independently. When the user queries the water amount information, the user's water usage information is automatically received after the mobile phone is bound to send a specific query message to the monitoring center SMS platform.
The beneficial effects of the present invention are as follows: 1. The GPRS smart water meter directly utilizes the GPRS network platform to realize data docking with the monitoring center through the built-in GPRS communication module, eliminating the need for the conventional hand-held receiving device relaying link, as long as the GPRS network covers the area can be Normal communication guarantees the reliability of communication, realizing the purpose of wireless meter reading and remote monitoring in real sense. 2. The user and the monitoring center realize the human-machine mutual assistance inquiry mode through the monitoring center SMS platform and is intelligently controlled by the water conservancy department. Direction of development. 3. The piston valve sealing ring and the water-stopping pad tightly connected to the piston valve adopt a new type of PTFE material, which has strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, non-toxic and environmental protection, and can be used in hot water sources, compared with the previous rubber and nylon. The material is significantly improved by conditions such as water temperature and water quality. 4. The design of the electric spherical water-stopping device of the pilot valve greatly increases the cross-sectional area of ​​the water flowing through the pilot valve. It is not easy to cause the abnormal closing of the valve due to foreign material blocking the actuator. The spherical water-stop device is made of all-copper material and is not easily corroded. dirt. 5, valve body structure design and seal waterproof structure to facilitate the maintenance. 6. The use of micro-power microcontrollers greatly reduces energy consumption. 7. The novel replenishment-type power supply method greatly improves the cruising capability for the GPRS smart meter, which is an innovative reform over the previous power supply method. 8. Through statistical analysis of GPRS smart meter upload data, the monitoring center can intuitively understand the user's daily, monthly, and annual water usage. It can also reflect whether the user's pipeline is leaking through the changes in water consumption, and discover timely to reduce losses.
For more information, please download the full specification of the patent.
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