Polyurethane residential heating insulation pipe reliability and safety

Polyurethane residential heating insulation pipe features: 1 , long-term maximum reliability of safe operation ( a good strength, stiffness, temperature performance, advanced technology ) ; 2 , the best sealing waterproof performance ( new technology, new structure design easy to implement ) ; 3 , pipeline anti-corrosion to ensure long life ( high efficient cyanide anti-corrosion, 3PE anti-corrosion or glass filament wound epoxy resin anti-corrosion and HD epoxy coal asphalt paint anti-corrosion ) ; 4 , the potential hidden dangers ( outer pipe fatigue strength, long-term run in heat The expansion and contraction of the environment, the interface is not easy to pull off the glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe ) ; 5 , significant energy savings ( good sealing performance, no leakage, better insulation effect ) ; 6 , convenient construction, joint sealing, filling and prefabricated insulation " Steel-coated steel " pipes are more convenient than " glass-fiber-sleeve steels " . 7 , Construction welding process steel pipes are more mature, and the leak detection methods are advanced.

Points from inside to outside of the first three-layer structure: work steel layer, depending on the design and requirements of customers generally used seamless tube (GB8163) spiral pipe (GB9711; SY / T5038) Longitudinal and (GB3092), PPR water Pipe, 304 stainless steel pipe, steel pipe surface after advanced blasting rust removal process, steel pipe derusting grade GB8923-1988 standard Sa2 level, surface roughness up to GB6060.5-88 standard R = 12.5 microns.

The second layer: Polyurethane insulation layer, using a high-pressure foaming machine to inject the rigid polyurethane foam liquid into the cavity formed between the outer sheaths. This is commonly known as the " tube-tube foaming process . " Its role is waterproof, but insulation, and third, support the heat network weight. When the medium temperature is: -50 °C -120 °C , use rigid polyurethane foam insulation layer.

The third layer: high-density polyethylene protective layer, black (yellow) plastic pipe prefabricated into a certain wall thickness, prepared after corona treatment. Its role is to protect polyurethane insulation from mechanical hard objects, and second, corrosion and waterproof.

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