Advantages of Miniature Fully Enclosed Single-Phase Two-Stage Compressor In order to reduce the leakage caused by the gap between the piston and the cylinder, the pressure in the compressor casing should be the high-pressure inlet pressure so that the pressure difference across the two-stage piston is minimized. A buffer tank is provided at each of the high and low pressure inlet and outlet to reduce the vibration caused by the airflow pulse. The miniature single-machine two-stage hermetic compressor adopts the movable or angled structure to balance all or part of the inertial force, so that the vibration caused by the inertial force and the noise caused by it will not increase, but will have some reduce. In terms of wear, the main bearing becomes smaller due to the offset of the inertial force balance, and the gas force of the piston can be reduced and balanced, and the load condition is improved, so the life is also improved. The connecting rod size head bearing also reduces the gas pressure difference at both ends of the piston, the friction loss is reduced, and the life is also improved. Valve life is also extended by the pressure differential and compression ratio.

The use of two-stage compression makes the compression power smooth and reduces, and the motor output power is correspondingly smooth and small, which is beneficial to the improvement of the life and efficiency of the motor. After the exhaust gas temperature is lowered, the lubrication condition of the compressor will be greatly improved. The gas transmission coefficient is increased as the volume, pressure, temperature, and leakage coefficient increase. In the refrigerator application, the compression power consumption can be reduced; the intermediate pressure of the two-stage compression, combined with the refrigeration and refrigeration characteristics of the refrigerator, can reasonably determine the ratio of the two-stage piston area, optimize the freezing and refrigerating evaporation pressure and temperature, and reduce the heat exchange temperature difference. , to reduce the frost in the refrigerator, and to achieve the purpose of reducing the ineffective heat loss, the refrigeration coefficient can be increased about.

In short, after using the single-stage two-stage fully enclosed compressor, the inertial force and the gas force are partially balanced, which is much better than the existing micro single-row single-stage fully enclosed compressor, and can greatly extend the service life of the compressor. Reduce energy consumption in applications. The preliminary concept of the structure of the miniature fully enclosed single-stage two-stage compressor is mainly to manufacture the refrigerator and the micro-closed single machine with low cost in the case of the existing refrigerator compressor manufacturing process and equipment. The two-stage compressor conforms to the energy-saving trend of the refrigerator, which makes it play a certain role in the energy-saving application of the refrigerator.

Car Parking Lift:

Specialized automobile 4s shops lifting platform is a kind of large tonnage car or truck repair and maintenance units commonly used special mechanical Lifting Equipment

The lifting platform can be divided into upper cylinder lift and lower cylinder lift.

The oil cylinder of the upper oil cylinder Car Repair Lift is placed on the top of the column(with beam), and the oil cylinder of the lower oil cylinder Four Posts Car Lift Platform is placed on the side of the guide rail.

Private car lifts are also often used as great vehicles for moving cars between floors.

Main Features of Car Parking Lift:

1. Hydraulic driven,cable lifting system

2. Four points automatic safety locks,manual release

3. Maintenance free load bearing,assure the safety in any height

4. Unchangeable width between runways

6. 5T lifting capacity, double parking space

7. Safety locks in all posts for added safety

8. Single point lock release

9. Simple installation

Underground Installment Automobile Scissor LiftMovable Double Post 2column Automobile Lift For Car Repairing Shop Lifing MachineTrinidad And Tobago Market Car Lift

Application Area: 

The Car Parking Lift is a new type of automobile lifting equipment, which is convenient, fast, safe and reliable for maintenance. It is widely used in car 4S shops, car repair shops, car showrooms and other places that need a safe and beautiful environment for lifting cars.

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Car Parking Lift

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