In recent years, domestic dehumidifier enterprises have developed rapidly. In a few short years, there have been dozens of brands of dehumidifiers. The drawbacks that appear with it are becoming more apparent. The most obvious is that the dehumidifiers are in a relatively vicious state of competition. One of them is the price war. Many dehumidifier manufacturers only focus on the price war. The quality of dehumidifiers has been placed second, and the price has been placed first. This has caused concern among industry experts and individuals. In foreign markets, the reason why the price of foreign goods is several times or even higher in China, and the quality of the goods in the domestic market is very competitive, because the quality of wins the trust of consumers, strict control over the production cycle, processing technology and product quality, abroad The company puts the quality of the goods first, and regards the quality of the products as the soul of the company. The production of foreign dehumidifiers has a history of several decades or even hundreds of years, with mature product research and development technologies. At present, the development of dehumidifiers in China is also very rapid. The domestic dehumidifier industry is not yet mature, and the experience technology still stays in imitation. As a result, the level of technology is hard to increase, and the quality of commodities cannot keep up, resulting in low prices and thus forming a vicious circle. There are two main vicious competitions in domestic dehumidifier companies: First, low-cost vicious competition. The dehumidifier brand mostly adopts the low-cost, high-volume profit model, and cuts down R&D costs through copying and imitation, and frequently competes viciously with other brands. It eventually led to the devaluation of the brand. Second, the vicious attack competition. The war of words is also one of the commonly used means of brand competition for household dehumidifiers. Some vulgar media have also involved them because of the stakes. This saliva warfare consumes too much resources and energy from the dehumidifier industry and cannot return to the true business competition track. . In this vicious competition industry, only a handful of household dehumidifier companies resisted the temptation of short-term interest and did not blindly follow suit. However, the dehumidifier industry still suffers long-term internal torture and pain. In the end, dehumidifier brands lacking core technologies and high brand value cannot compete with other brands at all and can only be thrown farther and farther. Today's home dehumidifiers have been overwhelmed by the cost. Among them, there are more external factors that are uncontrollable; and companies that are relatively controllable can change their operating soft costs through practicing internal strength. Therefore, the optimization of management for the integration of the company's internal resources is the key to the breakthrough of domestic dehumidifier companies today. Faced with the deforestation industry, which is almost subjugated, a handful of companies with a large number of renewal tasks are still on the move. Most of these companies have the following characteristics: First, business leaders should have a strong sense of social responsibility and the overall situation, avoid short-term interests. Second, with a strong independent core technology research and development capabilities, in order to compete with foreign brands. Third, with extremely strict awareness and system of product quality control. Fourth, with a strong brand strength and industrial status. In the face of all kinds of difficulties, dehumidifier companies only unremittingly conduct independent core technology development and quality control. Because the dehumidifier industry wants to develop, it must get rid of the original vicious internal friction war, make up for the lack of core technology and the backwardness of product quality control. Only by putting quality first, can we promote the virtuous cycle of dehumidification equipment and increase the brand effect of the company. Now that the market for dehumidifiers is not yet mature, at the very beginning, people are still watching the dehumidifier. At the same time, the dehumidifier is different from the home appliance industry in that it requires higher promotion costs and service costs, and therefore it cannot copy the home appliance model. Here Zhengdao Electric called for more companies not to follow the trend, and outstanding companies choose to successfully break through the value war technology war.

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