Ningbo Motor Vehicle Exhaust Pollution Prevention and Control Management Center released a message. Since the start of the yellow label vehicle elimination operation on February 1 this year, Ningbo City has eliminated 60,200 yellow label vehicles and completed the annual elimination in the province. The target mission of 57,000 vehicles.
It is understood that the city's original yellow standard car more than 110,000 vehicles, accounting for 9.3% of the city's car ownership, accounting for one-fifth of the province. Compared with the National IV car, the yellow standard car pollutant emissions are amazing, a yellow standard car is equivalent to 28 national IV car emission levels, and the city's yellow standard car pollutant emissions account for half of the total vehicle pollutant emissions. the above. In February of this year, Ningbo began to implement a government incentive subsidy policy that encourages the yellow label car to be phased out in advance.
According to the plan, Ningbo City will eliminate all yellow-label vehicles in the city by the end of 2015. The person in charge of the Municipal Motor Vehicle Exhaust Pollution Prevention and Control Management Center said that in the future, Ningbo will increase the control and control of the yellow label vehicle, comprehensively expand the restricted area, strengthen the enforcement of restrictions, prohibit the transfer of yellow label vehicles, and strictly operate the yellow label vehicle pass. Effectively promote the yellow label car to be phased out in advance.
Starting next month, Ningbo will implement the third-stage yellow-label car and the non-standard car limit. The restricted line will be expanded to the ring-speed high-speed, which is more than twice as wide as the original, and is restricted to all national yellow-standard cars. From November 2015, the yellow-label car is prohibited from passing through the city. By then, the yellow-label car that has not been actively eliminated will have "no way to go."
In addition, the New Year's Day yellow label car elimination subsidy policy has also been adjusted, the same car subsidy standard is about 25% lower than 2014, the new incentive subsidy policy will be implemented until the end of 2015. The government will no longer grant incentive subsidies for yellow-label vehicles that will be phased out after December 31 next year.

Product introduction
Steel Bending Machine, one of steel reinforcement processing machinery.
The working mechanism is a horizontal working disk rotating on the vertical axis. The steel bar is placed in the dotted line position in the diagram. The supporting shaft is fixed on the machine tool.

For bending steel bars of various diameters, there are several holes on the work plate to insert the bending pin shaft, and the center pin shaft of different diameters can be replaced accordingly.

Advantages of characteristics
Applicable to all kinds of round steel, carbon steel, screw steel.
It has strong operability, high working efficiency, convenient Angle adjustment and neat bending
Operation procedures of steel bending machine:

1. Check whether the mechanical performance is good, keep the working table and bending machine surface level;
And prepare various spindle tool blocks.

2. According to the requirements of the diameter of steel bar and bending machine, the core shaft, forming shaft, iron shaft or variable structure shall be installed. The core shaft diameter shall be 2.5 times of the diameter of steel bar.

Check the core shaft, block and turntable shall be free of damage and crack, and the protective cover shall be tightly fixed and reliable, and the operation shall not be performed until it is confirmed that the air machine is running normally.

Iv. During the operation, insert the bend end of the steel bar into the clearance provided by the turntable for fixation, and fix the other end close to the fuselage and press it with your hand to check the fuselage fixation.

The side that actually holds the steel bar can be moved.

It is strictly forbidden to change the spindle, change the Angle, adjust the speed and so on.

When bending steel reinforcement, it is strictly forbidden to process steel reinforcement diameter, root number and mechanical speed beyond the mechanical specification.

When bending high hardness or low alloy steel bars, the maximum limit diameter shall be changed according to the mechanical nameplate, and the corresponding mandrel shall be replaced.

8. It is strictly forbidden to stand in the working radius of the bending steel bar and the unfixed side of the fuselage.
Curved semi - finished products should be stacked neatly, curved hooks should not face up.

When the turntable is turned, it must be done after it has stopped.

X. completion of operation, cleaning of site, maintenance of machinery, power off lock box.

Stirrup Bender

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