On January 18th, the automatic ignition device of the hydrochloric acid synthesis furnace of Juhua Electric Power Plant was operating normally after it was formally put into operation. The successful application of this technology for the first time in China indicates that the company’s instrument control technology has taken the lead in the country.
In the past, the ignition of the hydrochloric acid furnace was completely manual operation, not only the operation procedure was complicated, the ignition time was long, the operator's labor intensity was large, and there was a certain degree of danger. In order to change this backward operation method, the technicians thought to apply the modern automatic control technology to this process. This production problem was listed as the research topic of the Electrochemical Factory's control center in 2007.
The technical personnel of the control center identified the entry points of the synthetic furnace's self-controlled valves, ignition control modules, and flame monitors. After hundreds of iterations of tests, tests, and modifications, they finally mastered first-hand information. After the innovative hydrochloric acid synthesis furnace auto-ignition device, the ignition time was shortened from the original 1 hour 40 minutes to 50 minutes, which not only simplifies the operating procedures, reduces labor intensity, but also greatly improves the safety and reliability of ignition, 2007 In September of this year, this set of independent innovation equipments moved from computer simulation to actual production trial operation, and it has now officially put into operation.
At present, the hydrochloric acid synthesis furnace auto-ignition device completely replaces the artificial ignition in the past, and the technical personnel also increases the automatic protection procedure under abnormal conditions, thereby ensuring the safety of the device.

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