【Xiagong Chusheng Original】Drencher equipment is a necessary equipment for drivers in many special areas. It often encounters the situation of judging the amount of water stored in the water tank after being filled with water. It is inaccurate and unsafe.

Card Friends brainstorming, using simple physics principles, with a simple transformation of the water level indicator hose, so that the tank water level inspection more convenient.

● The modification steps are as follows:

1 Make two ends of the upper and lower outlet pipes of the shower and make bypass joints.

2 Connect the pressure-resistant transparent PVC pipe and form a parallel mode with the water tank.

3 Pay attention to ensure that the water in the tank is completely communicated with the water level indicator pipe, without interference or obstruction.

● Note:

The water level indicator hose adopts the products with good quality and excellent pressure resistance performance to prevent the crack caused by the internal pressure, causing the loss of air pressure and the risk of failure of the brake.

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