[China Instrument Network Instrument Conference] May 27-27, the 7th Water Industry Flow Meter Selection and Application Technology Seminar hosted by the China Municipal Water Supply Association Equipment Materials Committee and co-organized by Xintian Technology Co., Ltd. in Henan Zhengzhou was grandly held.

Leaders of the China Water Association, directors of the equipment and materials committee, deputy directors, members, leaders of water supply and drainage companies, and related equipment manufacturers and manufacturer representatives attended the meeting.

Representatives of the conference mainly gave in-depth presentations and discussions on the selection of smart water meters, the technical development of smart water meters during the 13th Five-Year Plan, the Internet Smart Meter 2.0, and smart water services. Xintian Technology Co., Ltd. has demonstrated a new solution to the problem of intelligent water management and new flow meters to achieve leakage control of urban water supply.

In this era of smart meter 2.0” and Internet application technology, each of us pays more attention to the metering characteristics of water meters and the application of Internet technology. We pay more attention to the needs of serving smart water services and smart water supply systems, and pay more attention to the supply of products. Provide service transformation.

And as early as last year, Xintian Technology built a strategic cooperation relationship with Schneider, Sangao, Alibaba Cloud, and China Mobile, focusing on information applications such as the Internet of Things, big data, and cloud platforms. It invested in water-saving funds led by the Ministry of Water Resources. The use of Internet of Things technology to develop smart agriculture and smart water services, effectively achieve reasonable energy scheduling, reduce the leakage rate of the network, improve the economic efficiency of the management department, make energy management easier and more intelligent, and create more for the user. Big business value. Upgraded from a single smart metering equipment and system supplier to an “Internet” smart energy management service provider.

After the meeting, accompanied by company leaders, the delegates visited Xintian Technology's international intelligent exhibition hall, technology research and development center, and industrial 4.0 smart factory, including RF laboratory, environmental laboratory, intelligent potting system and intelligent storage. Management systems, etc., more intuitive understanding of the company's R & D, production of the entire process. The delegates expressed their appreciation for Xintian’s innovative technology, process development, and production site management, and highly praised Xintian’s rapid development and strength.

With the advancement of big data, cloud computing and other technologies, smart water and smart energy have entered the fast track of development, Xintian Technology will continue to spare no effort in researching the forward-looking technology of smart meters and integrate it with deep applications of energy metering products. Build smart cities and smart energy to contribute. At the same time, as an industry leader in China's smart energy, smart meters and systems, Xintian Technology will continue to inherit the core philosophy of “hoardness and morality, heavenly rewards,” and will continue to work hard, forge ahead, establish first-rate enterprises and create first-class The performance made positive contributions to the development of the high-tech industry in the Chinese nation.

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