With the diversification of intruders and security needs, some weaknesses such as passiveness, high false alarms, and limitations that have become common in perimeter protection have been unable to meet people’s protection for perimeter security. Therefore, the appearance of the laser beam detector greatly compensates for the shortcomings of the conventional perimeter alarm protection system, and better meet people's application requirements for perimeter protection.

The high adaptability and extremely low false alarm rate are basically not affected by the environment and climate. The laser beam itself has superior penetrating power and effectively controls false alarms.

Easy to install and easy to maintain. Only a few screws can be mounted on the top of the wall or side-mounted with mounting brackets. The characteristics of the laser shot itself determine its tamper function, and the internal design, even if the intruder attempts to cut the line, can be detected, and thus the police. The laser operates stably on the radio. One year only needs to correct the light path one or two times. The service life is long, usually 5-6 years. Even if there is damage in the future, only the laser tube needs to be replaced. It seems that the cost performance is very high.

Comparison of electronic fence and laser beam The installation and maintenance of electronic fences are expensive, and the cables are hot and cold and are not suitable for working at lower temperatures. The laser can work normally in the range of -40°C~70°C.

Comparison of Infrared and Laser Beams Although the price of infrared beam is much cheaper than laser beam, the combination of the products on the market and the infra-red defects cause the detection distance to be relatively short, and it is under the weather conditions such as rain and fog. , can easily produce false positives.

After many years of scientific research, this product has been favored by the market and has received unanimous praise from the project owners and users. Moreover, products are becoming more and more intelligent. They can be selected from the initial single mode of operation to a variety of current modes of operation, and are better suited to various use environments. In addition, the multi-step response time can be adjusted, and the response time can be adjusted according to the user's on-site requirements, which is more suitable for many occasions.

The compatibility of this product with laser is very strong, it can be compatible with most alarm hosts on the market, and it can link with some linkage modules to drive siren, police lights and even cameras. This perfect combination makes the perimeter alarm intrusion technology more intelligent, convenient, and user-friendly.

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