What are the common sprinkler faults?

One, sprinkler can not pull on the water

1. If you suddenly find that when you are operating the sprinkler, you must carefully check whether the pipeline is completely sealed. After careful inspection, if the pipeline is sealed tightly, Then the next step should be to check the rubber pad. Under the adjustment of the thickness of the gasket, the screws of the relevant joints must be tightened at various locations.

2. If after the previous unsealed inspection, the above conditions are found to be without any problem, the next step should be to check the water filter to see if the water level in the water filter is deep enough, if not enough If deep, deep water filters are needed.

3. The direct reason why the sprinkler cannot pump water may also be that the sprinkler pump is not in a good vacuum. If the sprinkler pump is a fully qualified regular product, the driver can use the sprinkler pump manual issued by the vehicle manufacturer. Perform troubleshooting.

4, if the water still can not be pumped up, the driver can observe whether the water pumping water can be insufficient, if not enough, you can add enough.

Second, insufficient coverage of sprinkler

1, if the sprinkler width and coverage is not enough, you can see whether the speed of the sprinkler pump has not yet reached the rated value, then only need to add enough throttle to improve the sprinkler engine speed, reached the speed of sprinkler pump rating The value can be.

2, can check the spray angle of the next nozzle is correct, if the spray angle is not correct, as long as the contact angle adjustment again can solve the problem, if the coverage of the sprinkler width is still not enough, you can also go Check if the pipeline is leaking and clogged. If it is, then it is only necessary to remove the debris and remove it.

Third, sprinkler noise or vibration

When there is vibration and noise in the sprinkling pump, it can be checked whether the bearing clearance of the sprinkling pump is too large, whether the gear clearance of the sprinkling pump is too large, and whether the gear box of the sprinkling pump has a lack of oil. If you are using a properly qualified product, you can also troubleshoot the problem and solve the problem based on the instructions for the sprinkler manufacturer's sprinkler.

Fourth, sprinkling vehicle ball valve control failure

In the case of failure of the sprinkler's ball valve control, there may be a cylinder failure, the driver needs to check whether the electrical path is loose, in addition, there may be damage to the ball valve spool of the sprinkler , then Need to replace the new ball valve again. (Text / Sun Ni)

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