Recently, Bridgestone (Tianjin) Tire Co., Ltd. decided to invest 5.69 million yuan, adding a molding machine, and a functional LRP detector to check the finished tires.

Due to the increasing demand for high-performance, large-size tires in the domestic sedan market, the company's existing tires produced by some molding machine equipment cannot meet market demand.

The Bridgestone Tianjin plant will dismantle two existing TKT molding machines and replace them with imported molding machines to produce high-performance, large-size tires.

According to the requirements of Bridgestone Japan, the R680 tires produced must be tested by a functional LRP tester before being exported to Japan.

Therefore, the Bridgestone Tianjin plant also decided to introduce a functional LRP detector to meet the requirements of tire export.

The project is expected to start construction in May and will be put into operation by the end of 2016.

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