The LED lighting market's growth performance in 2014 is highly anticipated by the market. Foreign-funded JP Morgan Chase Securities pointed out in the latest report that LED lighting demand will surpass LED backlight for the first time in 2014, and the LED lighting market will be re-written in the game rules. LED factory can It is hoped that the LED backlighting customers will be concentrated in the past and the bargaining space is limited. With the advent of the LED lighting era, the LED factory is expected to enjoy a relatively stable gross profit performance and a large bargaining space.
LED lighting demand is expected to officially surpass LED backlight demand in 2014. The decline in LED product prices has greatly contributed to consumer adoption speed. According to JPMorgan Securities estimates, the cost recovery time of commercial LED lamps such as A19 and PAR38 has been shortened to Within one year, and estimated that LED bulb prices will still have 30 price cuts during 2015, which will bring more attractive economic benefits to replacing LED bulbs.
LED industry will usher in the lighting era, JP Morgan Chase Securities estimates, November 2013 LED lighting penetration rate of about 11, in the same period of 2012, only 5, and 2015 LED lighting penetration rate is expected to exceed 20.
JPMorgan Securities believes that LED lighting demand brings structural changes to the LED industry. Compared with the LED backlight market leading LED market in the past, the backlight customers are highly concentrated, and the LED lighting market has market dispersion characteristics, with the world's top three lighting manufacturers Philips. , OSRAM, GE's market share calculation, the global market share of the three major factories is only about 30, such dispersion characteristics are expected to bring more reasonable gross margin and bargaining for LED factories than in the past supply of LED backlight products. space.

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