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On June 20, the "Asia Petrochemical Forum 2012" was held in Bangkok, Thailand. At the forum, petrochemical companies from Qatar, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries stated that the next 3 to 5 years will be the phase of concentrated release of Asian petrochemical production capacity, which means that the era of fierce competition in the Asian petrochemical industry is approaching.

As a representative of Chinese companies, Liu Xintian, editor-in-chief of China Chemical Network, was invited to speak. Liu Xintian has faced more than 200 petrochemical professionals from more than 10 Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. He seriously stated that “The South China Sea will be an important development base for China’s oil and petrochemical industry! Nanhai is a sacred place for Chinese territory. Part of the division! The Chinese will never give in to the territorial issue!"

Since Liu Xintian’s identity is the chief editor of Chinachemnet.com, after his speech, everyone attending the conference remembered CHEMNET, and many ethnic Chinese call it “chemnet”.

"At present, China's petrochemical supply and demand pattern is quietly changing. On the one hand, domestic petrochemical giants represented by PetroChina and Sinopec have also expanded production in recent years; on the other hand, more and more international petrochemical companies have come to China." “Dividends.” The supply and demand contradictions in the China petrochemical market have gradually shifted from the supply shortage to the oversupply,” said Liu Xintian.

According to reports from participating countries at the meeting, Vietnam Petrochemical has planned to invest US$8 billion to build an integrated oil refining base in the country. Qatar will increase the amount of liquefied natural gas, crude oil, etc. in the market, of which 70% will be produced in the future. Or flow to China, and Thailand's petrochemical giant PTT will increase its upstream and downstream production capacity to expand its influence in the Southeast Asian market.

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