30 girls wearing panda clothes in Chengdu to play "flash"
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Chengdu, September 29. On the 29th, 30 young girls wearing panda clothes appeared on the streets of Chengdu and performed a "flash" event. According to briefings, the event aims to appeal to everyone to love animals, guard peace, and promote a passionate, healthy lifestyle.
The reporter saw on the scene that the panda girls appeared in the narrow and narrow alleys in Chengdu. When they finished the three-minute dance of the panda females, they immediately gathered together to form the formation, and then quickly dispersed to leave the audience on the spot. Amazed.
For this event, organizers said that as the hometown of giant pandas, “Panda Girl Flash” campaign called on everyone to love animals and guard peace, and to use this activity to promote a passionate and healthy life.
Flash is an abbreviation for "Flash Action," which originated in the USA and later became popular all over the world. To put it simply, many people who make use of network contacts to agree on a place, do the same illegal but very compelling action at the same time, and then quickly disappear, and translate it into “flash mob” and “flash mob”. , "Smart action to help" and so on.
According to briefings, before this, the Panda Girls flashing event has been launched in Shanghai, Beijing, Changsha and Wuhan. Chengdu is the last stop of its performance. (Finish)
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