Norwegian ship design company Ulstein Design & Solutions recently signed an agreement with French service agency SeaOwls to jointly develop a self-propelled self-propelled heavy-lift ship (ship-type shipyard sale) design.

         Ulstein and SeaOwls hope to collaborate to develop a revolutionary new jack-up heavy-lift concept that meets the future needs of the offshore wind industry and is suitable for operation in the offshore oil and gas market.

         The two parties will jointly develop a complete new design, named SOUL (SeaOwls Ulstein). The newly designed heavy-lift ship will be able to adapt to different cranes (purchasing supply) specifications, different load conditions and deck layout.

         SeaOwls said that this design will significantly improve efficiency in both logistics planning and payload capacity compared to existing ships. In the design of jack-up boats, pipe jacking technology has always been considered the most critical element; SOUL will use existing, proven lifting systems from reputable suppliers.

Tailor Made Bushing Cover

SINOFUJI Bushing Cover is made of radiation cross-linked polyolefin or cross-linked EPDM rubber material.
SINOFUJI adopts new molding process for bushing cover in the purpose of providing the world with first-class products and services.

It is SINOFUJI's concern that the bushing cover made by traditional manufacturing process, had been presented that the appearance is almost irregular, the dimension consistency is poor, and the insulation performance is unsatisfied.
While SINOFUJI bushing cover with new molding process presents kinds of advantages:
• Superior performance of aging and electrical insulation.
• regular appearance and accurate consistency in dimensions.
• Could be easily met with personalized design with high production efficiency.
• High material utilization thus total cost is lower than that of traditional process.
• In the cater for requirements of all kinds of special and complex shape thus to expand application scope of this products.

• It is environment friendly cause the cutted raw materials in the manufacturing process can be recycled for production use.

SINOFUJI Tailor Made Mastic Tape Pad

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