xh-type flexible check valve features: xh-type flexible check valve, also known as "duckbill valve" is a special structure, appearance was "duckbill", with "forward discharge, reverse check" function The new drainage valve products. The valve does not have any moving parts, free of any maintenance. Can be straight pipe, flange pipe, cement pipe, glass pipe supporting, are widely used in coasts, beaches, wharves, reservoirs, municipal drainage, sewage discharge, odor barrier, pumping station system and other water outlet. xh-type flexible check valve can effectively prevent the backflow and sediment formation, with the previous fixed pipe outlet is different: the duckbill valve jet flow rate and outlet flow showed a complex nonlinear relationship, the test shows that the duckbill Valve effluent to achieve effective mixing of the required flow rate, far more than the same circular pipe mixing the required flow rate is much smaller, different valve port flow characteristics of a variety of tests, while the experimental data analysis, come to A common two-dimensional internal dynamics calculation formula, the results of these experiments show that the use of duckbill-shaped valve can make the spread more stable, while jet speed, energy is also large, the use of laser speed technology on the duckbill valve port jet flow Studies near the mixing area have shown that duckbill-shaped vents have better diffusion than standard round vents. xh-type flexible check valve cushioning, muffler performance, maintenance-free and non-corrosive and so on. Its performance in sealing performance, harsh environment and improve the performance of sea water purification is far better than patting the door to solve the traditional pat door or butterfly check valve due to many mechanical failure of poor health, leakage, seat wear, deformation of the parts And corrosion, noisy, need frequent maintenance replacement of technical problems. Can be described as green valves. Search Keyword: Check Valve

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