Doosan USA has introduced a new generation of DX340 crawler excavators: the DX350. The new DX350 Excavator's enhanced engine power, increased digging and digging forces, and outstanding engine fuel efficiency all contribute to improved overall machine productivity and performance.

Doosan DX350 Track Excavator
Doosan DX350 Track Excavator Technical Features:
The new generation of Doosan Tier III engines is equipped with an electronically optimized hydraulic system that improves productivity and improves fuel economy.
· Since the new polymer gasket is used in the stick and bucket, the lubrication interval is extended to 250 hours.
• Easier daily maintenance, longer service intervals, improved fuel efficiency, and lower operating costs.
· Ergonomically designed cab - Fully automatic heating and air conditioning, adjustable lumbar support for six seats, retractable console.
Double thin-wall muffler to reduce the noise level.
· Glass and transparent cab roofs improve driver visibility.
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