Refrigerated vehicles play a crucial role in the transportation of sensitive foods such as perishable foods, quick-frozen foods and medical drugs. The type and size of refrigerated trucks are also different, of which the 4.2-meter refrigerated trucks are popular with consumers because of their high cost performance.


The 4.2m refrigerated truck is a key thermal insulation device in the cryogenic logistics chain. It provides a constant temperature environment for temperature-sensitive products and plays a crucial role in the transportation of perishable foods, medical drugs, or frozen foods. . Therefore, the maintenance of refrigerated trucks should also be of concern to everyone.

The 4.2-meter refrigerated truck, as a specific vehicle type, has some matters that must be taken care of prior to transportation, so as to avoid unnecessary problems in the transportation process and affect the transportation time and the quality of the transportation products. Therefore, check the vehicle before driving.

1. The refrigerating car engine oil engine oil level is supplied at the (full) mark. Do not overfill with oil (change it once a year).

2. The refrigerated vehicle fuel diesel or gasoline supply must be sufficient to ensure that the engine runs at least until the next checkpoint.

3. Refrigerant truck coolant Check the coolant level gauge to see if the amount of coolant is correct and the pointer should be within the white range. If the coolant level is in the red range, add coolant to the coolant tank. Usually the coolant is a mixture of ethylene glycol and water (according to the actual situation of the product used in different proportions), and should provide protection to -34 °C without freezing. Note: Do not open the lid of the coolant tank when the coolant is hot.

4. The battery terminal of the refrigerated truck must be firm and not corroded. The electrolyte should be at the full mark.

5. Belt straps must be good and adjusted to the appropriate degree of swell. The 13mm sag across the center between the pulleys.

6. Electrically inspect all electrical connections in the electrical control circuit to ensure they are securely fastened. Wires and terminals should be free from corrosion, cracking or moisture.

7. Structure Visual inspection of the unit for leaks, loose parts or breakages and other damage.

8. The gasket of the gasket unit should be tightly pressed and in good condition.

9. Refrigerated car coil condenser and evaporator coil should be clean and free of dirt.

10. Defrost Drain Check defrost drain hoses and fittings to ensure they are free.

11. The cargo can not block the evaporator outlet and return air inlet when loading the cargo compartment, and maintain the cold circulation of the cargo compartment to ensure that there will be no hot spots in the compartment.

Therefore, scientific maintenance and maintenance can not only ensure the integrity of equipment, but also reduce operating costs. It can reduce the potential safety risks of products in the transportation process. More should be followed by every transportation driver.

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