Medical waste transfer vehicles have many names, such as medical garbage collection vehicles, medical garbage transport vehicles, and so on. The thickness of the insulation compartment of a medical waste transfer vehicle is generally 6 mm. The outer skin of the insulation compartment is a glass steel plate, while the inner skin is a stainless steel plate. The insulation layer is a rigid polyurethane foam. The exterior decoration protection plate of the medical waste transfer vehicle is the newly-arranged exterior decoration protection plate for the refrigerating and warming vehicle.

Medical waste transfer vehicle performance characteristics:

1. The main use performance of medical waste transfer vehicles is based on the characteristics of daily medical waste transportation. The tanks of vehicles are all hermetically sealed. The back of the vehicle compartment is a double-layered closed structure with an internal Open the door with two doors and double back door. There is a special spring on the door to open the door, which can facilitate your opening up and down. In order to be able to well ensure the separation of medical waste and external environment contained in the medical waste transfer car body, it can also be very convenient for the loading and unloading of medical waste.

2. The medical waste transfer vehicle is divided into a medical article storage compartment and a cargo storage compartment. There is a single-sided door on the outside of the medical article storage compartment. This is in the direction of the first officer. This design method is In order to facilitate the storage of medical equipment and medical supplies, medical waste and staff safety can be well ensured.

3. Warning signs for medical waste are designed on both sides of the trunk of the medical waste transfer vehicle. On both sides of the doors in the driver's cab and the co-cab, there are spray-painted medical home-delivery agencies.

4. There is a refrigeration unit with equivalent power installed in the medical waste transfer vehicle . During the process of transporting the goods, the temperature in the box where the goods loaded by the refrigeration unit can be controlled is within the scope of use of the temperature in the specified requirements. For inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria in cargo containers.

5. The siding of the vehicle body is made of stainless steel, and has good acid and alkali resistance. It can be used to disinfect vehicles with corrosive disinfectant, and the arc-shaped stainless steel is installed around the compartment. As well as the corners, there is no dead angle when cleaning and disinfecting.

6, the vehicle's roof top of the inner surface of the board is equipped with a UV germicidal lamp installed, UV germicidal lamp in the normal use of the work of radiation a lot of 253.7nm UV, for those microorganisms have a strong lethality, and can be in half Hours to 45 minutes, all sterilization.

7. The medical waste transfer vehicle has a drainage hole between the inner floor and the inner panel of the carriage, and a sewage pipe made of stainless steel is installed, which is very convenient for the vehicle's disinfectant to pass through.

8. The lower end of the sewage pipe in the box of the vehicle is also made of stainless steel, and has a thermal waste collector that can store and collect the waste liquid in 3-2k. The stainless steel ball valve and connecting pipe are installed below the collector to ensure that the waste liquid does not leak and the discharge can be slowed down. (Text / Sun Ni)

Organic chicken manure production line


The fresh chicken manure which discharged from broiler farm, layer farm is very large amount, how to right treat these large amount of manure is an urgent task for all poultry farmers. According to clients request, we expansion the poultry project into chicken manure organic fertilizer, which not only solve the problem for clients, but also greatly generate the profit from whole poultry project.


The chicken manure fertilizer production line is use fresh chicken manure as raw material, and after serial of processing, and get products of natural organic fertilizer. There are two stage for processing the chicken manure into commercial organic fertilizer, which first is pre-fermentation, and second is with serial processing like grinding the material, filter, mixing, pelleting, drying, cooling, filter, coating, packing -.


The features of chicken organic fertilizer


1.       There is no any chemical parts, due to chicken digest ability is low who just digest 25% of nutrients in chicken feed, and other 75% of nutrients are goes away with manure, which manure organic fertilizer contains rich nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic meter, amino acid, protein and so on.

2.       The organic matter in fertilizer enhance the organic matter contain in soil. Organic matter improve physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil.

3.       The organic manure in chicken manure not only adds a lot of organic colloids, but also decomposes and convert many organic compounds into organic colloids with the help of microorganism, which greatly increases soil adsorption and produces a lot of sticky material, which makes the soil particles cemented into stable pellet structure, and improves the soil water conservation and fertilizer conservation. Breathability and ability to regulate soil temperature.

4.       The organic manure of chicken manure also make a large number of microorganisms in the soil, especially many beneficial microbes, such as nitrogen fixing bacteria, ammoniated bacteria, cellulose decomposing bacteria, nitrifying bacteria and so on. The organic chicken manure contains all kinds of active enzymes secreted by the digestive tract of animals, and various enzymes produced by microbes. After these substances are applied to the soil, the enzyme activity of the soil can be greatly improved.

5.       Organic chicken manure improve soil activity and biotransformation ability, thereby enhancing soil absorbability, buffer performance and stress resistance.


There three models of chicken manure production line:

High Standard:  manure dehydrator, fermenting dumping machine, grinder, mixer, pelleting, drying, cooling, filter, coating, packing, and belt conveyors-etc.

Middle standard: raw material grinder, mixer, pelleting, drying, cooling, filter, packing, and belt conveyors-etc.

Low standard: raw material grinder, mixing, pelleting or filter, packing. 

manure prcessing line




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